Dr Brian Blick

Grant For Healthcare Students

Who Is It For?

Medical Students

Dr. Brian Blick has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring all individuals have access to quality healthcare by establishing a generous financial grant for students interested in entering the healthcare field. The fund he created helps students cover tuition costs and other educational expenses related to entering the healthcare industry.

Future Stars

Dr. Brian Blick is looking for future healthcare leaders to apply for his grant award and receive its benefits. A winner will be selected through an essay contest, requiring applicants to submit a 1,000-word essay detailing their passion for entering healthcare and their ideas for making a difference in the industry.

Standout Students

Our financial grant will be awarded to a student who stands out for their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch healthcare. We meticulously evaluate all applications submitted by potential grant recipients, taking into account various factors, including their academic accomplishments and community engagement. We strive to choose a well-rounded individual who not only possesses a deep passion for healthcare but also has the potential to emerge as a leader in the industry.

Learn About The Dr. Brian Blick Grant

Dr. Brian Blick is dedicated to improving healthcare and serving others, which is why he established a grant fund to support students pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. As a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine, Dr. Blick understands the financial burden that can come with pursuing a medical degree. Through his grant fund, he aims to alleviate some of that burden by providing financial assistance for tuition and other expenses related to healthcare education. Dr. Blick’s philanthropic efforts demonstrate his unwavering commitment to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their economic background, have access to high-quality healthcare.

Dr. Brian Blick

dr brian blick

Dr. Brian Blick is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist based in Elk City, Oklahoma. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma before pursuing a career in medicine. He graduated from Ross University School of Medicine in 2013 and completed his residency at the University of Kansas in 2017. Dr. Blick is now the Chief of Anesthesia at Great Plains Regional Medical Center and also founded Western Oklahoma Pain Specialists.

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